About Us

Welcome to SHOSSANI,

We are dedicated to making you handmade, luxurious accessories that are completely fitted from your head to your toe.

Launched by S.Hossaini in 2016, SHOSSAINI has since become one of the most prestigious contemporary accessory brands worldwide. SHOSSAINI changed the definition of accessory fashion. SHOSSAINI elevated accessory wear by creating a unique balance between fashion and function.

SHOSSAINI was created around the belief that accessories are an integral element of fashion. When the day calls for accessorizing, an accessory isn’t just a part of an outfit — it becomes the outfit itself. The key is to look classy so you can walk with confidence. And we're not talking about just looking good. Classy is the key word here.

Since the brands inception, innovation and an unwavering commitment to outstanding quality have been the cornerstones of SHossaini, each collection is creatively designed with intricate detailing and hand made with love.

SHossaini is Canadian based company that wants to give you the most premium service when it comes to your attire. We believe that you can define your outfit with the help of accessories.